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Our nonprofit’s mission: to increase equity in K–12 education by making excellent, top-rated curricula openly accessible to districts and schools.

2022-2023 Curriculum:

Math Curriculum

  • K-5 Math NEW 2022!
  • Problem-based learning designed around hands-on, real world application
  • Embedded structures and routines to encourage collaboration and mathematical discussion
  • Continue the learning with our 6-8 Math and HS Math Curricula.

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ELA Curriculum

  • K-12 Core ELA Curriculum grounded in the science of reading, coupled with full-year writing rubrics and assignments
  • Check out our other powerful resources: EL Education K-8 ELA

New for 2022:

  • Updated K-5 Bookworms Reading and Writing Curriculum enhanced for increased usability, teacher supports, and student engagement
  • Odell High School Literacy Program designed to engage students in real-world tasks, research projects, and modern texts

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Open Up Resources_kiddom

Available on Kiddom

Promote mathematical growth, foster math discourse, and develop a math community.

New for 2022:

  1. Lesson Launch designed to bring planning, instruction, and student work in one user-friendly space
  2. Improved Student Experience with interactive tools to allow new ways to engage with the content
  3. Streamlined Teacher Navigation

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Professional Learning

  • Asynchronous learning for K-8 math
  • Supported pilots for EL Education
  • Heavy focus on TLIR (customizable PL)

New for 2022:

  • Asynchronous Learning for K-8 Math Curriculum: effective PL designed to be both schedule- and budget-friendly. Learn More.
  • Asynchronous EL Education Pilot Support for Districts and Schools: help with unpacking materials, planning lessons, and understanding the pedagogical shifts within the curriculum
  • Customizable, expert PL led by our growing Teacher Leader in Residence (TLIR) team

Bring Open Up Resources to Your School

We gladly provide samples of the materials to districts considering math programs for the upcoming school year. For smaller orders, visit our shop.