Curriculum Testimonials

EL Education
K–8 Language Arts

“The curriculum has not only engaged our students but also has had a positive impact on increasing our teacher’s instructional capacity and skill. Our students have become willing to take risks with their learning, able to engage in critical thinking, and are vested in self-assessment and seeking improvement.”

— Quinn McCarthy, Principal
Academy del Sol

“EL Education has enhanced the literacy learning opportunities for our Elementary and Secondary students through the wide range of texts and sequence of academic standards. It has been a wonderful curriculum to support teachers and students make learning connection across multiple content areas. As a school we look forward to seeing our student strengthen and advance their learning outcomes.”

— Monica Lewis, Assistant Director
Soldier Hollow Charter School

“EL Education has given our teachers the road map to ensure our scholars are mastering the standards and preparing to be 21st century critical thinkers.”

— Lange Levy, Content Specialist

Open Up Resources
6–8 Math

“The teachers and students really get more out of their lessons using Open Up Resources. The parents are not complaining about the homework anymore! They can understand the assignments and help their children.”

— Monique Burdette, Principal
Hosanna Christian Academy

“Our teachers love Our 6-8 Math. The pacing, the resources, and scaffolds are outstanding. The mathematical practice and process is what our students need. To put it in the words of one of our teachers- “It just makes sense.”

— Julie Mayeux, Secondary and CTE Supervisor
West Baton Rouge Parish

“OUR for 6th grade math has been amazing. The tasks are rigorous and the curriculum addresses the different levels of the classroom. It is easy to differentiate within the curriculum components. It has been so helpful to have a digital format especially with pivoting to online during the school year.”

— Tatum Williams, Math Facilitator
Greenwood School District

“This year has been a struggle with our District Adopting a new curriculum and the onset of the Pandemic. Open Up Resources helped our teachers push the rigor needed for our students to show growth in their content. Our classes are showing wonderful growth this year in Middle School and we feel confident that OUR 6-8 Math is a big part of this success.”

— Melanie Blaum, District Math Instructional Coach
Union Elementary School District

“The beauty of OUR 6-8 Math is the depth of thinking and challenge of the curriculum through rich learning experiences. Our students have gained a greater level of conceptual understanding in mathematics that allows them to tackle unknown mathematics challenges with confidence.”

— Charlotte LaHaye, Curriculum Coordinator
Schools of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau

“Open Up Resources has given me the time and support I need to be the best teacher for my students. Open up resources is low-floor, high-ceiling for both teachers and students. I am three years into using the curriculum and I still have tons of room to grow as an educator. The curriculum has the embedded supports I need to continue to make that growth.”

— Holly Alger, Middle School Math Teacher
Denver Public Schools

Open Up
High School Math

“During the 1st year of implementation of the OUR/MVP high school curriculum, the number of F’s were cut in half, the amount of growth on the Math Inventory was quadrupled, and the percentage proficient on our state exams increased for our at-rish high school. The teachers have reported an increase in engagement and a more positive mindset to approaching mathematics among the students.”

— Allison Duncan, Math Curriculum Specialist
Canyons School District