Announcing Our New Curriculum: Humanizing Mathematics PK-5

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Designed around excellent whole texts, students build real-world content knowledge as literacy skills flourish.

Collection of OUR's ELA curriculum book covers
Collection of OUR's ELA curriculum book covers

Our Approach to ELA

Curricula, professional learning and peer-led community designed to center student discourse and advance classroom equity.

Designed around excellent, whole texts

Students build real-world content knowledge as literacy skills flourish

Active support for diverse classrooms

Incorporate advanced tools for ELLs and students with disabilities

Openly accessible as OER

Provide equal access to high-quality content

Classroom Instruction

Incorporate strong, clear protocols to support excellent classroom instruction

Real-time, Individualized Assessments

Contain embedded assessments as well as rich differentiation materials


Offer comprehensive, proven reading and writing core programs built on the Science of Reading
How We’re Different

Access highly-rated curricula, professional learning & a peer-led community.

A cheerful, light-skin toned teacher engaging with students, whose hands are raised eagerly to answer a question in a bright classroom setting.

Partners in Classroom Equity

We meet you where you are at each stage of your implementation journey.
  • Proprietary, asynchronous learning platform
  • Customizable, in-person services for every stage
  • Annual HIVE Professional Learning conference
Two women sharing a joyful moment while looking at a book outdoors.

Robust, Real-time Peer Community

Ongoing support and advice that champions the ability to teach all students effectively.
  • Large, peer led and curriculum-specific virtual community
  • Community coaches for each curriculum
  • Recurring webinars and forums with curriculum experts