Announcing Our New Curriculum: Humanizing Mathematics PK-5

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Open Up Resources K–5 Math

Promote mathematical growth, foster math discourse, and build a community in your classrooms with our high-quality curriculum and flexible professional learning.

Our Approach

What sets Open Up Resources K–5 Math apart?

The cover and inside page of a K-5 Math book alongside some colorful counting blocks.

Content Alignment

  • Coherent mathematical stories across units and grade levels
  • Unit designs with research-based learning trajectories
  • Rooted in content and practice standards to foster learning and achievement for all
  • Balance of problem-solving, developing conceptual understanding
Two lighter dark skin toned students focusing intently on their schoolwork; one writing rigorously in their notebook while their companion observes meticulously.

Math Identity

  • Students access deeper mathematical reasoning which promotes positive math identity
  • Lesson-specific language learner supports and strategies
  • Rigorous lessons develop perseverance and positive math identity
A medium skin toned child using with colorful interlocking counting blocks on a wooden surface, fostering creativity and math skills.

Strong Math Communities

  • First unit in each grade level structured to establish mathematical community
  • Contexts and adaptations provide students opportunities to bring their own experiences to the lesson activities and see themselves in the materials and mathematics
A multiracial group of elementary students in class raising their hands to answer a question. The focus is on their teacher, a dark skin toned woman in her 30s, who is standing in front, facing them, smiling and pointing to a student. Most of the students are 9 years old.

Mathematical Discourse

  • Problem-based activities designed to promote student discussion and reasoning
  • Daily opportunities for each student to contribute to the math community by sharing ideas
What’s Included

Available in Print & Digital Formats

Student Materials

Scope & sequence integrated. Lesson-specific supports for ELLs within every lesson. Lesson-level strategies for students with disabilities.

Teacher Materials

Inclusive of unit plans, lesson plans, digital and print assessments. Engaging manipulative kits. Interactive center activities. Student journal prompts.
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Professional Learning to Fit Your Needs

We believe Professional Learning is a key ingredient. Our team provides curated in-person and virtual offerings, a proprietary sync and asynch platform, and customizable in-person services.

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We’re here to help.

Wherever you are on your implementation journey, Open Up Resources is ready to support you.

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