EL Ed K–8 Language Arts FAQs


What materials are included within the program?

Module Lessons Teacher Guide, Module Lessons Teacher Supporting Materials, Module Lessons Student Workbook, K–2 Labs Teacher Guide w/supporting materials, K–2 Skills Block materials (Teacher Guide & Supporting Materials, Student Workbook, Resource Manual, and decodable texts), 3–5 Additional Language and Literacy Teacher Guide w/supporting materials, 6–8 Module Lessons (Teacher Guide, 6–8 Teacher Supporting Materials, 6–8 Student Workbook, 6–8 Teacher’s Guide for English Language Learners.)

Who authored the EL Education K–5 Language Arts curriculum?

Former and current teachers in public schools across the country, curriculum experts, and nationally-recognized literacy experts joined together in this work.

Does the curriculum meet the need for comprehensive ELA instruction in grades K–8?

Yes, it formally teaches and assesses all ELA standards.

Does the curriculum include assessments?

Yes, there are assessments (diagnostic, formative, summative, benchmark) included in the curriculum.

Do you offer professional learning to support teachers and leaders?

We do! Support for teachers and district teams is an essential success factor. To foster success, we offer a comprehensive suite of PL options. These professional learning opportunities are customized based on topic, interest, and audience, and can include institutes, coaching days, virtual supports, and strategic planning. Open Up Resources works closely with EL Education to support schools and districts implementing the curriculum. Contact us to discuss which professional development options best support your implementation plan and impact goals.

Do you have any resources for families?

Yes! Each Teacher Supporting Material manual includes information for teachers to share with parents.

What types of digital and print options do you offer?

We meet districts where they are on the digital continuum, providing affordable, high-quality print services for teacher and student materials whenever necessary. Notably, we provide the same content across digital and print versions, allowing for partially digital implementations; as 1:1 device availability increases, districts realize additional savings over time.

Digital Access via Microsoft OneNote (Request more information)

Open Up Resources has partnered with Microsoft Education to offer our K–5 Language Arts materials through the free OneNote app, which can be used on any digital device or via the web. This ground-breaking technology includes text-to-speech (read aloud), increased spacing between lines and letters to reduce visual crowding, page theme colors, syllable breaks, parts of speech highlighting, line focus, picture dictionary, and real-time translation across 63 languages.

Using the OneNote Class Notebook to access our curriculum:

  • Teachers can distribute the course materials on any device via an elegant digital interface.
  • Students can write, draw, collaborate, and save their work automatically in a personal digital notebook.
  • Real-time collaboration can occur around the materials: teacher-to-class, teacher-to-student, and student-to-student.
  • Teachers and students can create text, ink, pictures, and audio on any area of the materials.
  • Built-in dictation is available for every text component in the materials.

Microsoft OneNote features Immersive Reader, which:

  • Improves reading comprehension Increases fluency for readers learning a new language.
  • Helps build confidence for emerging readers learning to read at higher levels.
  • Offers text decoding solutions for readers with learning differences such as dyslexia


For the first time, curriculum, assessments, and technology to differentiate instruction live in a centralized hub.

Bring your curriculum to life in Kiddom:

  • Manage Curricula
  • Share with Teachers
  • Digitize Assets
  • Differentiate Learning

Print Options

We offer low-cost, high-quality, full-color print student consumables and teacher’s editions for districts requiring print materials. Because we negotiate deeply discounted print rates, districts find our print costs to be lower than self-printing options.

Classroom Kits

We offer conveniently bundled kits comprising required and recommended trade books, teacher guides, and student workbooks. Contact our team for additional details.

Trade Book Lists

EL Education incorporates a healthy balance of informational and literary texts designed to engage, challenge, and support students in their literacy adventures. Within each unit, students read both informational texts and complementary literary texts, which build vocabulary and knowledge of the topics drawn from the C3 Framework Social Standards, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Open Up Resources provides trade books at competitively discounted prices, and books come kitted with curriculum by module, by grade, and by classroom for each teacher.

Open Up Resources provides trade books at competitively discounted prices, and books come kitted with curriculum by module, by grade, and by classroom for each teacher.

Review the required trade book list.
Review the recommended texts and resources list

Do you have any classroom videos to see the curriculum in action?

Watch teachers effectively and joyfully implement the EL Education K–5 Language Arts Curriculum.

Implementing the K–2 Skills Block
The Joy Factor: Close Read-Aloud in the Primary Grades
Behind the Practice: A Teacher’s Perspective
Incorporating science topics in Modules


How can I reset my password for my EL Education K–8 Digital Site account?

Visit the sign in page at this link and click ‘Forgot your password?’. You will then receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

Can I upload the EL Education K–8 Curriculum to Canvas or Schoology?

At this time you can upload the 2018–2019 edition for EL K–5 to these LMS platforms. Please contact us to find out more.

Do you integrate with Microsoft OneNote?

At this time, we do have functionality to support EL K–5 OneNote for this curriculum. Please contact us to find out more.

When will Common Cartridge be available?

At this time we do have common cartridge available for the EL K–5 curriculum. Please contact us to find out more.