Hive 2022: San Francisco

August 1-2, 2022

August 1-2, 2022
Holiday Inn San Francisco-Golden Gateway
1500 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109

For teachers, coaches, and school leaders, implementing the Open Up Resources curricula, this conference will provide ample opportunities to refine your teaching craft, discover ways to increase student engagement and productive discourse, and consider ways to meet the needs of diverse learners in your classroom.

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Open Up Resources Curricula at HIVE San Francisco:

Open Up Resources
K–5 Math

Pathway for Year 1

Open Up Resources
6–8 Math

Pathway for Years 2+

Open Up
High School Mathematics

Pathway for Years 1–2+

Two ways to experience HIVE:

Diving In Pathways

Teachers who:
  • Are new to implementing OUR curricula
  • Are unfamiliar with student centered pedagogy that enhances discourse
  • Are unfamiliar with OUR principles, curricula structures, and/or instructional routines

Year 2+ Pathways

Teachers who:
  • Have conscientiously implemented OUR for a year+
  • Want to refine OUR instructional routines to increase student engagement through discourse
  • Want to develop instructional routines to increase access for ALL students

Available Pathways

Open Up Resources K–5 Math: Diving In

Participants will explore content from Open Up Resources K–5 Math with colleagues to grasp a solid overview of the curriculum and problem-based learning. During the sessions, the educators will discuss the design structure of the resource, engage in effective instructional routines and teaching practices, and come to understand the cyclical and coherent nature of these materials.

Open Up Resources 6–8 Math: Year 2+

Participants will engage in sessions that strategically grow practice by problem solving, working through implementation challenges, and walking through identified problems of practice. Expert teachers of Open Up Resources 6–8 Math provide a safe space for growth, fellowship, and collaborative professional learning. Teachers will leave with ready to implement strategies and resources to use in their own classrooms.

Open Up High School Mathematics: Diving In

Sessions will focus on teaching with the Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction (CMI) Framework along with using the Effective Teaching Practices, Standards for Math Practice, and the Five Practices for facilitating discourse to revolutionize mathematics teaching and learning. Teachers will learn to use the Learning Cycle-based lesson design to help students develop procedural fluency with conceptual understanding by doing a deep-dive of Module One. This workshop will provide teachers with the sequence of modules and topics and demonstrate how these materials capture the vision of the Core Standards for High School Mathematics.

Open Up High School Mathematics: Year 2+

Sessions encourage teachers to take next steps in adjusting and improving their instruction by experiencing the curriculum in-depth. The facilitators will model how to implement the tasks focusing on the Learning Cycle and eliciting student thinking to achieve learning goals using videos from the field, student work, and modeling. Teachers will have the opportunity to dig into the big ideas of the Learning Cycle in 1-2 modules by experiencing each task and understanding the progression of learning for students.

Meet the Speaker

Howie Hua

Howie Hua is a math instructor at Fresno State who teaches math to future elementary school teachers. He is passionate about finding ways to humanize the math classroom, listening to how students think about math, and building mathematical confidence in students. In 2019, Howie was named Outstanding Lecturer for the College of Science and Math at his university. Outside of school, Howie likes to play piano, go on walks, make math memes, and make math explainer videos.

Registration Pricing

$499 – Early Bird: March 1–31
$599 – Tier 1: April 1–May 31
$699 – Tier 2: After June 1st

$25 off each registration. Discounts available for groups registering 10+ on one PO. Email for information. Discount applies to tier 1 and 2 pricing only.

Lodging Details:

Holiday Inn San Francisco-Golden Gateway
1500 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 441-4000
$149 nightly rate