HIVE Conference 2023

July 10–12, 2023 | Atlanta, GA

HIVE is a 2½ day on-site professional learning conference for teachers, coaches, and school leaders, implementing Open Up Resources curricula.


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Original Freedom Writer

Keynote Speaker

Associate Professor, Author

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Dove Self Esteem Educator &
Curriculum Consultant, Dove

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3rd Grade Teacher

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PreK–5 Math Specialist


Emeritus Superintendent,
Educational Leader


Director of ELA, Open Up Resources

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Co-founder and CAO, Kiddom


Chief Academics, Equity & Social Justice Officer


Managing Director, Open Up Resources


Create a customized professional learning experience

Innovative Instruction Strategies: Explore strategies such as differentiated instruction, project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, blended learning, culturally responsive teaching, and assessment strategies that promote student engagement, personalized learning, critical thinking, collaboration, and inclusive classrooms.

Tailored Sessions: At HIVE 2023, educators can create a customized professional learning experience by selecting from a diverse range of sessions. The conference offers a variety of topics, allowing participants to choose sessions that align with their specific interests, needs, and goals.

Interactive Workshops: HIVE 2023 provides interactive workshops where educators actively engage in hands-on activities and collaborate with peers. This format allows for immersive learning experiences that foster practical application and idea sharing.


Join a community of educators implementing Open Up Resources curricula

Networking Sessions: HIVE 2023 provides dedicated networking sessions where educators can connect with fellow attendees who share similar interests and goals. These sessions create a platform for meaningful discussions, idea exchanges, and collaboration, fostering a strong professional network.

Expert Interactions: The conference offers opportunities to interact with experts and thought leaders in the field of education. Educators can engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek guidance from these experienced professionals, gaining valuable insights and perspectives to inform their practice.

Virtual Networking Opportunities: HIVE 2023 leverages virtual platforms to extend networking opportunities beyond the confines of the conference. Through online forums, discussion boards, and social media groups, educators can continue to connect, collaborate, and share resources with their newfound professional network long after the conference concludes.

Open Up Resources educators teachers and school administrators learning about reading and math curriculums in a conference


Recharge and reinvigorate practices to build classroom equity

Equity-focused Workshops: HIVE 2023 offers dedicated workshops focused on building classroom equity. Educators will have the opportunity to learn about and explore strategies, frameworks, and practices that promote equity in the classroom. These workshops will provide practical tools and resources to help educators create inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Intersectionality and Identity: The conference will address the importance of intersectionality and identity in classroom equity. Educators will learn about the various dimensions of identity and how they intersect to shape students’ experiences. They will gain insights into fostering a classroom environment that values and respects diverse identities, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Culturally Responsive Teaching: HIVE 2023 emphasizes the significance of culturally responsive teaching in achieving classroom equity. Educators will delve into culturally responsive pedagogy, gaining a deeper understanding of how to integrate students’ cultural backgrounds and experiences into instructional practices. They will learn strategies to make curriculum content more relevant, engaging, and accessible for all students.

Committed to Equity &

The Sessions

Core Pathway Sessions

Whether you’re new or have conscientiously worked with Open Up Resources curricula, create a schedule that’s tailored to you with HIVE’s Learning Pathways. 

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Wellness Sessions

Join us at the HIVE Conference and experience our Self Care Suite presented by Dove and the Dove Self-Esteem Project for a rejuvenating and unconventional conference experience. As part of the HIVE 2023 Wellness Initiative, the HIVE Self Care Suite will provide wellness support resources for educators attending the conference. Led by our TLIR team, community coaches, and health and wellness experts, the Self Care Suite will offer experiential breakouts, interactive workshops, keynotes, panels, and chats aimed at inspiring teachers navigating the post-pandemic education landscape. Attendees will have access to the Dove Self-Esteem Project resources, complementing the professional learning and career enrichment sessions. The goal is to empower attendees with mindful and restorative tools that they can implement both in their personal lives and classrooms. 

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Digital Solution Sessions

By participating in these sessions, conference attendees will have the opportunity to engage in immersive experiences where they can step into the shoes of students and experience Open Up Resources’ 7th Grade Math and 4th Grade EL Education Language Arts lessons. They will gain valuable insights into the instructional approaches and routines embedded within the curriculum. Through synthesizing the lesson demos and learning goals, as well as brainstorming with fellow educators, attendees will deepen their understanding and knowledge of the curriculum, enabling them to effectively implement these instructional strategies in their own classrooms. These sessions provide a collaborative space for educators to exchange ideas, enhance their instructional practices, and ultimately improve student learning outcomes.

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Multilingual Learners Support Sessions

Attendees of these conference sessions will gain valuable insights and tools to support Hispanic/Latinx youth, promote equity for multilingual learners, utilize instructional and language routines effectively in math education, and foster an asset-based mindset in grades 6-8 math. The Celebrándome session addresses confidence and cultural narratives, while Asegurando el Acceso Para Estudiantes Bilingües focuses on the needs of multilingual students and instructional routines in math. The sessions on Math Language Routines (MLRs) and asset-based mindset provide practical strategies to enhance student discourse, language support, and equity, empowering educators to create inclusive learning environments.

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Sample Schedule

7–9amOptional Self-Care Sessions
9–10amOpening Keynote
10–12am2-hour Pathway Core or Choice Workshop
12–1pmLunch + Affinity Groups
1–2pm1-hour Choice Workshop
2–4pm1 or 2-hour Pathway or Choice Workshop
7–9pmHive After Dark


Atlanta, GA

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255 Courtland Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
Ph: +1 404-659-2000

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