K–8 Math Asynchronous Course

The Open Up Resources K–8 Math launch course features seven interactive modules that set teachers up for success for the upcoming school year.

Asynchronous Launch Course 

Teachers will learn and unpack the curriculum at their own pace. This option includes 60 days of access to online launch content, along with a post-consultation for next steps and continued support.

These are not your typical passive courses. Our approach to professional learning:

  • Values that learning is not one-size-fits-all
  • Prioritizes just-in-time learning
  • Invites adult learners to engage actively in their learning
  • Makes space for individual reflection and collaboration
  • Respects educators as adults/professionals 
  • Unpacks the WHY behind curriculum structure and design 

Additional Professional Learning Opportunities Available:

  • Free pilot mini-courses
  • Book studies
  • Math Language Routines Workshop Series
  • Master Teacher Partnership one-on-one meetings
  • Virtual Academies
  • In-person and virtual Professional Learning tailored to your needs

For more information, contact support@openup.org