Curriculum Overview

Open Up Resources’ core
Math and ELA curricula are all:

Built with active support for diverse classrooms

Openly accessible as (OER)

All-Green on EdReports

Peer-reviewed and grounded in research

Designed to celebrate diverse cultures, backgrounds, and ideas

Centered around student-voice, active learning, and critical thinking

Comprehensive programs featuring teacher materials + supports, student materials, assessments, and evaluation tools

Transitions seamlessly between K–8 to High School with same core principles

Available in print and digital formats

What Makes OUR K–12 Math Curricula Different:

  • Encourages student growth through problem-solving and hands-on learning
  • Immerses students in real-world learning opportunities
  • Uses accessible, meaningful contexts to build on students’ knowledge
  • Centered around student discourse
  • Conceptually based with low-floor high ceiling tasks to allow full student participation
  • Embeds signature mathematical language routines (MLRs) and language opportunities for developing students into mathematical thinkers
  • Designed using the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions (Smith & Stein, 2018)

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Each curriculum is available in print or digital format for the 2022–2023 school year.

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