High School Math Curriculum

Available Summer 2021

An engaging, problem-based curriculum designed to support coherence, focus and rigor.

Core Program Essentials:

Built to Foster Rich Discussion and Deep, Conceptual Understanding 

Open Up High School Math is the only high school mathematics program structured around the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions (Smith & Stein, 2018). This complete three-year high school curriculum is built upon the Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction Framework to support coherence, focus and rigor. Available in both Integrated and AGA course sequences.

Nurture the Student Learning Journey

  • Connect past and future lessons with “Progression of Learning” narrative 
  • Anticipating and Monitoring” charts assist teachers in supporting student thinking 
  • Tools for rich discussion provided for each lesson in “Selecting, Sequencing & Connecting” charts
  • Guide student thinking as the lesson progresses with Learning Focus, student-facing statements, and guiding questions for the learning goals

What Sets Our Core Curriculum Apart?

Task-Sequencing Framework Supports Learning Over Time 

Learning Goals, Purpose Statements and Standards clearly identify ideas, strategies and representations addressed in each lesson

Launch, Explore, Discuss Narratives guiding implementation of each lesson using Effective Teaching Practices (NCTM, 2014) 

Course and Unit overviews keep teachers informed of the progression of learning across skills and standards 

Retrieval practice at the beginning of every Ready, Set, Go provides guidance and prepares students for their homework

Lesson Notes include narratives that support the professional learning of teachers, both content and pedagogical

Differentiated to Meet the Needs of All Students 

  • Low-threshold, high ceiling tasks allow all students full participation in the standards. 
  • Enrichment lessons deepen and enhance learning of the standards to raise the ceiling for all students 
  • Supports for Students with Disabilities embedded to promote access for all students 
  • Supports for English Language Learner (ELL) to promote academic language acquisition

Quality Built-In Assessments

The assessment package for each course includes: 

  • Complete solutions
  • Teacher guidance
  • Standards alignment

Quality Professional Learning
Is the Essential Ingredient.

We tailor professional learning and support recommendations to each district’s schedule, staffing, and delivery needs. In addition to our curriculum-embedded professional learning content, we offer:

  • On-site introduction to themes, routines, practices, and design of materials
  • Workshops devoted to modeling and supporting practice change
  • Facilitation of peer-supported work, activating PLCs to build district capacity
  • Remote-based ‘phone an expert’ support, to give teachers real-time help when needed

HIVE Conference – an annual national conference offering multiple pathways across four curricula for deeper learning.

OUR High School Math is coming soon to Kiddom. 

With Kiddom, curriculum, assessments, and technology to differentiate instruction live in a centralized hub. Curriculum comes to life in Kiddom: 

  • Manage Curricula 
  • Share with Teachers 
  • Digitize Assets 
  • Differentiate Learning

Available in Print and Digital for the 2021-22 School Year

Open Up High School Math will be released in Summer 2021. Contact us to learn more.