Humanizing Mathematics PreK-5

A first-of-its-kind curriculum designed to reimagine elementary mathematics!


The curriculum goes beyond traditional mathematics concepts, incorporating vital topics such as financial literacy, building sustainable communities, and addressing food insecurity. These real-world contexts provide students with a holistic understanding of mathematics and its applications.

Professional Learning 

The curriculum includes embedded teacher supports, equipping educators with the background knowledge and resources to effectively implement the curriculum. Teacher reflection questions promote collaboration and growth within Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and among peers.

Culturally Responsive Learning: 

The PreK-5 Mathematics Program is the first curriculum to authentically intertwine cultural characteristics, experiences, and perspectives into a core mathematics curriculum offering. This approach fosters a deeper connection between students and the material, ensuring a more inclusive learning experience.

Diverse Authorship Team: 

Humanizing Mathematics PreK-5 features an intentionally diverse authorship team, reflecting a wide range of identities and perspectives. This diversity ensures that the curriculum is inclusive and culturally validating for all students.

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