Professional Learning


About BetterLesson

BetterLesson has deep experience providing on-site Design Workshops and videoconference-based personalized coaching to K–12 teachers, coaches, and leaders.

BetterLesson provides the guidance, strategies, and processes educators need to create learner-centered classrooms. Their model consists of three primary strategies:

Personalized Learning

BetterLesson’s Try-Measure-Learn methodology supports educators to try new strategies, measure their effectiveness, and learn from the results through continuous feedback loops.

Continuous Learning Methodology

One-on-one guidance from expert coaches fosters strong relationships because coaches meet educators at their developmental readiness.

Professional Learning Platform

BetterLesson’s online platform features thousands of proven instructional strategies and best practices, and contains tools to track impact on student and educator growth.

By combining these three components in a meaningful way, BetterLesson helps educators improve their practice, implement instructional strategies, and master skills that create a more learner-centered practice.

BetterLesson coaches are matched with educators and leaders based on their years of experience, subject area, grade level, and personality. Each pair meets one-on-one for coaching sessions via videoconference every other week to focus on specific problems of practice.

To learn more about the organization, visit their website.