Summer Learning Opportunities

For Bookworms Reading & Writing

Bookworms K–5 Reading & Writing Summer Booster Program

Date: May 20th, 2022
Time: 9-12 AM EST or 1-4 PM EST

Let’s help teachers and students make summer learning LEAPS! Incoming kindergarten through fifth graders will experience intensive pre-teaching of the Shared Reading and foundational skills curriculum with new resources to build grade level reading proficiency. Online half-day training provides teachers with materials and confidence for 20 instructional days of lessons with materials including slide decks, modeled comprehension questions, and written responses.

Cost: $250/teacher or $1650 per school

*Cost includes 3 weeks of access to DI videos for teachers and students. Trade books are available to purchase for an additional cost.

Bookworms K–8 Reading & Writing New Teacher Training

Date Options (Choose 1): June 13-17, July 18-22, or August 15-19
Time: 9-12 AM EST or 1-4 PM EST

New teachers receive five half-days of guided, explicit training in all of the Bookworms curriculum components, including time and guidance to prepare for the first month of school. Training emphasizes skilled practice of the instructional routines delivered during shared reading, interactive read-aloud, genre-based writing, and differentiated instruction.

Cost: $500/teacher

DI Block only New Teacher Training

Date Options (Choose 1): June 16-17, July 21-22, August 18-19
Time: 9-12 AM EST or 1-4 PM EST

Teachers would attend the last two days of new teacher training only.

Cost: $200/teacher

Shared Reading and ELA Block only

Date Options (Choose 1): June 16-17, July 21-22, August 18-19

Teachers would attend the first three days of new teacher training only.

Cost: $300/teacher

Transitioning from the beta version of Bookworms K–5 Reading & Writing

Date: July 26, 2022
Times: 9-12 AM EST or 1-4 PM EST

Teachers transitioning to the newest edition of Bookworms K–5 Reading & Writing from the beta version receive a half-day training to dive into the improvements and updates in the curriculum. The 3-hour training includes a keynote from Dr. Sharon Walpole, an overview of the changes to each grade level, time to dig into the lessons and manuals, and a chance to get questions answered.

Cost: $300/teacher

Advanced Bookworms

Date: August 25-26, 2022
Times: 9–4 PM EST

Experienced educators, including teachers, coaches, and administrators experience a two day virtual conference with keynote presentations and six session choices. Sessions reflect  on the innovations brought forth through the pandemic and leveraging high-quality BW implementation to accelerate literacy gains. For example, participants can dig deeply into genre-based writing and practice effective instruction with Bookworms coaches.

Cost: $500/teacher

Bookworms Intensive

Date: August 3-5, 2022
Times: 9–4 PM EST

Schools and districts in different phases of implementation require differentiated professional  development, which is addressed via our Bookworms Intensive Academy. Experienced users with successful implementation after two years graduate from attending to implementation fidelity to  focusing on instructional quality and its impact on student work. Bookworms Intensive adds explicit enhancements to the core curriculum to flexibly respond to diverse learners’  needs, but also requires that teachers’ withdraw the enhancements as students gain independence. This Academy invites experienced general educators, special educators, literacy/reading specialists, and ESOL teachers to collaborate meaningfully  and deliver Bookworms in the most inclusive, rigorous way for ALL learners. Initial training will be delivered over three days during the summer, and participants continue their collaborative  learning throughout the school year during monthly 1-hour PLCs. Participants must be willing  to share recorded lessons and give/receive peer coaching.

Day 1: Why and how we intensify core instruction 

Rationale and materials to practice grade-specific lessons that incorporate evidence based visual and verbal scaffolds for word study, comprehension, and writing

Day 2: Why and how we intervene when learning progress is slow or hard to measure

Examination of Tier II differentiated instruction of foundational skills, progress monitoring, and teacher-student interactions 

Day 3: Tier III: Bookworms Intensive 

Introduction to systematic procedures for delivering a new Bookworms-aligned tier III intervention, to be implemented more fully during the school year. To apply to the BWI Cohort, please complete this Bookworms Intensive

Cost: $850/teacher

“We have done our best to curricularize the science of reading because teachers deserve high quality materials grounded in evidence and students deserve the chance to meet rigorous achievement standards and actually enjoy reading and writing.”

 Dr. Sharon Walpole, Author of Bookworms Reading & Writing

About the Curriculum

Bookworms K–5 Reading and Writing was developed by Dr. Sharon Walpole and Dr. Michael McKenna with the support of the University of Delaware. Bookworms is built upon the science of reading and has generated impressive results for improving student achievement through straightforward routines. The Bookworms team at the University of Delaware is equipped to support teachers, coaches and administrators with professional learning to ensure a successful and sustainable implementation of Bookworms.