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Teaching Lab

About Teaching Lab

Teaching Lab’s curriculum-specific professional development implementation process utilizes the cycle of inquiry by working with educators to identify needs, study research-based practices, plan for instruction, implement and monitor teacher and student learning, and analyze and discuss.Teaching Lab’s research-based model focuses on three critical components for effective professional learning:

  • The “Head” — Deep study of high-quality instructional materials allows teachers to grow in their knowledge over time and spread that knowledge to their colleagues.
  • The “Heart” — In teacher-led communities, educators are more likely to buy into their own development and work collaboratively with their colleagues to improve instruction.
  • The “Habits” — Repeated cycles of learning afford teachers the time and space to reflect, incorporate new learning into practice, and verify changes to instruction using analysis of student work.

Teaching Lab’s engagement begins the prior school year with diagnosis, planning, and recruitment of Lab Leaders (school and district PD leaders).The Lab team continuously evaluates evidence of student and teacher learning to adapt from cycle to cycle, and from year to year.

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