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“I’ve Got Five On It” Series – Webinar 1: Natalie Wexler | 4/27 at 3 PM ET

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

April 19, 2023

“I’ve Got Five On It” Series – Webinar 1: Natalie Wexler | 4/27 at 3 PM ET

Join 5 experts as they each share 5 key takeaways over 5 webinars.

We hear a lot about the importance of phonics instruction in teaching children to read, but what about comprehension and writing? According to science, these skills are just as crucial to literacy, yet often overlooked in the classroom. In the first webinar of Open Up Resources’ “I’ve Got Five On It” series, education writer and author Natalie Wexler will discuss five practices that teachers can implement to help students build the knowledge necessary for successful reading comprehension.

The talk will cover a range of topics, from the role of background knowledge in reading comprehension, to the importance of explicit writing instruction. Along the way, Wexler will draw on insights from cognitive science and highlight practical strategies for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask Wexler questions during the live Q&A portion of the event. And for those who can’t attend in real-time, a recording of the talk will be made available afterwards.

Natalie Wexler is the author of The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System—And How to Fix It and co-author of The Writing Revolution: A Guide to Advancing Thinking Through Writing in All Subjects and Grades. As a senior contributor to’s education channel, Wexler is a leading voice in the field of education reform and has written extensively on topics such as curriculum, literacy, and teacher training.

If you’re a teacher looking to improve your students’ literacy skills, don’t miss this talk by Natalie Wexler. With her expertise in cognitive science and education, she’ll provide valuable insights and practical strategies that can help transform your classroom and empower your students to become lifelong readers and writers. This first webinar is happening on 4/27 at 3pm ET – sign up now!

More On The “I’ve Got Five On It” Webinar Series

As a teacher, it’s essential to have access to high-quality professional development that aligns with best practices in education. That’s why the “I’ve Got Five On It” webinar series from Open Up Resources is such a valuable resource for educators.

This webinar series features education thought leaders in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math and alternates between focusing on key aspects of the Science of Reading and research-based math teaching practices. By covering both of these critical areas, the series provides a comprehensive approach to professional development that can benefit teachers across all subject areas.

The “I’ve Got Five On It” series is part of Open Up Resources’ mission to provide openly accessible, research-based professional learning for teachers. By sharing best practices and evidence-based strategies, the series aims to cultivate more equitable classrooms and support student learning and success.

One of the most significant benefits of this webinar series is that it’s entirely free and accessible to all educators. This means that teachers can access high-quality professional development without worrying about the cost, making it an excellent option for those in under-resourced schools or districts.

The series is also available on-demand, which means that teachers can access the webinars at their convenience and review the material as often as they like. This feature is especially helpful for busy educators who may not have the time to attend live webinars.