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Open Up Resources’ Brooke Powers on ‘Difference Makers’ Podcast

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

January 16, 2024

Open Up Resources’ Brooke Powers on ‘Difference Makers’ Podcast

In a recent episode of the “Difference Makers” podcast, host Joanie Readout spoke with Brooke Powers, the Managing Director of Academics, Equity, and Social Justice at Open Up Resources. Brooke, a former recipient of the Milken Educator Award, is a passionate advocate for education reform and a true difference maker in her field.

During the podcast, Brooke shared valuable insights on what it takes to be a difference maker. Here are some key takeaways:

1. Conviction: Brooke emphasized the importance of being deeply passionate about the cause you care about. Her dedication to education fuels her drive to make a difference every day.

2. Humility: Brooke highlighted the need to collaborate with experts and surround oneself with those who excel in different areas. Humility is essential for effective leadership.

3. Reflection: Brooke stressed the significance of self-reflection. Leaders should constantly analyze their actions, question their beliefs, and grow.

4. Building Trust: Trust is vital for leadership. Brooke drew parallels between Ted Lasso’s character and the power of trust. Building trust over time allows leaders to inspire change.

Brooke’s inspiring journey as an outstanding teacher and change-maker in education demonstrates the impact of being led by a purpose-driven career. As you listen to the podcast, consider how you can build on being a difference maker in your own sphere of influence. Embrace your convictions, seek humility, engage in reflection, and build trust.

Listen to the podcast here.

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