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James O’Neal

Keynote Speaker, Math Consultant, NBCT Teacher, Equity Champion & Founder of Mastery for All, LLC.
James O’Neal

James O’Neal, Jr., a passionate educator and speaker with a transformative journey spanning fifteen impactful years in the classroom, including six as a department chair, has seamlessly transitioned his dedication into a thriving full-time endeavor: Mastery For All, LLC. Mastery For All passionately promotes K-12 math education mastery through professional development, consulting, and coaching, accentuating the brilliance of black boys as a means to empower all. As a speaker, James seeks to empower all educational stakeholders in the roles they play in education. His academic voyage culminated with an M.Ed. from UNC-Charlotte in 2020, and in 2021, he stood as a finalist for the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST), a testament to his resolute focus. While in the classroom, James was ranked in the top 25% of the state of North Carolina’s teachers who showed effective growth in student performance. James knows what it takes to support the education and advancement of all students. His evolution from a classroom teacher to an influential advocate for mastery mirrors his unwavering dedication to shaping a future where the belief of “who can” encompasses all!