English Language Arts Curriculum

Our core curricula are all:

Designed around excellent, whole texts:

Students build real-world content knowledge as literacy skills flourish.

Built with active support for diverse classrooms:

Incorporate advanced tools for ELLs and students with disabilities.

Openly accessible, as OER:

Provide equal access to high-quality content.

Our ELA Curricula:

We offer two comprehensive ELA curricula, which share many virtues. Each curriculum:

  • Offers comprehensive, proven reading and writing core programs 
  • Incorporates strong, clear protocols to support excellent classroom instruction 
  • Contains embedded assessments as well as rich differentiation materials

Here’s what
differentiates them:

EL Education K–8
Language Arts


Bookworms K–5
Reading & Writing


Available in print and digital formats

Available in print and as a digital open educational resource

Instructional Routines & Protocols:

Broad range of instructional protocols designed to promote student engagement, discourse, and collaboration.

Straightforward, routinized protocols designed to make high-quality literacy instruction easier for teachers

Content Focus:

  • Designed around science and social studies topics, for cross-curricular engagement
  • Fiction + nonfiction text sets for each topic promote knowledge and vocabulary acquisition
  • Incorporates 121 whole texts between grades K–8
  • Texts feature diverse characters and authors
  • Incorporates 265 whole texts between grades K–5, to maximize daily reading
  • Texts selected to optimize for student engagement, spanning a broad range of topics
  • Thoughtful balance of fiction and nonfiction

Unique Qualities:

  • Places a premium on communication, collaboration, and social-emotional learning
  • Incorporates student goal-setting and reflection
  • Fosters ongoing formative assessment
  • Places a premium on differentiation: diagnostic tools actively scaffold tailored small group skills work, as well as intervention
  • Highest volume of daily reading of any curriculum in K–5


Proven to improve literacy outcomes, higher-order thinking, and teacher effectiveness when paired with PD.

Has produced notable gains in PARCC, SBAC, and Georgia Milestone districts


  • All-Green by EdReports
  • Rated ‘Tier 1’ by Louisiana DOE
  • First edition received high text quality and complexity scores from EdReports
  • Reviews of this newly enhanced edition are forthcoming

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EL Education K–8 digital curriculum is now available in partnership with Kiddom.

For the first time, curriculum, assessments, and technology to differentiate instruction live in a centralized hub.

El Education K–8 digital curriculum comes to life in Kiddom: 

  • Manage Curricula
  • Share with Teachers
  • Digitize Assets
  • Differentiate Learning

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