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Empowering Education: The Reading League Conference Recap

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Open Up Resources

December 17, 2023

Empowering Education: The Reading League Conference Recap

The Reading League recently hosted a conference that brought together educators and advocates with a shared passion for literacy and learning. This event was brimming with valuable insights and initiatives aimed at supporting all learners through the Science of Reading. Here, we’ll provide a recap of some key highlights from the conference.

  1. The Reading League’s Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines

One of the standout moments of the conference was the release of The Reading League’s Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines. These guidelines have been hailed as an invaluable resource for districts embarking on curriculum reviews. In an era where information abounds, they offer a structured approach to conducting reviews with integrity and precision. They shine a light on what educators and districts should look for when evaluating curricula in light of the science of reading.

You can explore these guidelines further at The Reading League’s Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines. These guidelines serve as a crucial tool for educators seeking to ensure that curricula align with the latest findings from the science of reading. You can also check out this YouTube crash course offers valuable insights into spotting inconsistencies or gaps in curricula that may hinder effective literacy instruction. The course is an excellent companion to the guidelines and equips educators with practical skills for curriculum evaluation.

  1. Kareem Weaver’s Inspiring Keynote Speech

One of the highlights of the conference was Kareem Weaver’s keynote address. Mr. Weaver underscored the critical importance of literacy as a pathway to equity in education. His passionate advocacy for inclusive and equitable literacy practices resonated strongly with attendees. Notably, Mr. Weaver’s documentary, “Right to Read,” features the Balanced Literacy curriculum Bookworms K-5 Reading & Writing—a key point of discussion at the conference. 

  1. The Unifying Theme: Supporting ALL Learners

Although the conference didn’t have a defined theme, a clear message emerged throughout the event: the unwavering commitment to supporting all learners with a special focus on students from historically marginalized communities. Whether through the use of differentiated instruction in Structured Literacy or by adhering to The Reading League’s Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines, educators and advocates are united in their dedication to ensuring that every student has access to effective literacy education.

Final Thoughts

As we reflect on this conference, the importance of continued investment in literacy education becomes clear. It’s a cause worth shouting about from the rooftops, and the knowledge and resources gained at this event will undoubtedly drive positive change in classrooms across the country.

Stay tuned for more in-depth explorations of topics such as small group/differentiated instruction in Bookworms K-5 Reading & Writing and completing curriculum reviews with integrity using The Reading League’s Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines. These topics will help educators and districts implement evidence-based practices that empower all learners to thrive in their literacy journey.