Announcing Our New Curriculum: Humanizing Mathematics PK-5

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Open Up Resources Introduces New, Innovative Pre K-5 Curriculum Designed to ‘Humanize Mathematics’

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

October 29, 2023

Open Up Resources Introduces New, Innovative Pre K-5 Curriculum Designed to ‘Humanize Mathematics’

Open Up Resources, a leading non-profit provider of high-quality, openly licensed educational materials, is proud to announce the launch of Humanizing Mathematics PreK-5 — a first-of-its-kind curriculum that’s aligned to national standards and designed to reimagine elementary mathematics.

Built on a foundation of rich problem-solving experiences, Open Up’s Humanizing Mathematics PreK-5 curriculum encourages critical thinking and empowers young learners to become active, engaged mathematicians. The curriculum’s assessments are designed not only to measure proficiency but also to provide real-time feedback that supports each student’s individual growth and learning journey.

“This groundbreaking PreK-5 mathematics program represents a significant leap forward in early mathematics education,” said Jason Isaacs, CEO of Open Up Resources. “With a focus on encouraging meaningful classroom discussions, and integrating culturally responsive content, Humanizing Mathematics PreK-5 will help a generation of future leaders thrive academically. They will develop a deeper understanding of different perspectives and cultures, and have opportunities to engage in practical applications of mathematics to the real-world. Making mathematics more inclusive and accessible means making learning more equitable.”

Key features of Open Up Resources’ Humanizing Mathematics PreK-5 Program include:

  • Culturally Responsive Learning: The PreK-5 Mathematics Program is the first curriculum to authentically intertwine cultural characteristics, experiences, and perspectives into a core mathematics curriculum offering. This approach fosters a deeper connection between students and the material, ensuring a more inclusive learning experience.
  • Innovative Professional Learning: The curriculum includes embedded teacher supports, equipping educators with the background knowledge and resources to effectively implement the curriculum. Teacher reflection questions promote collaboration and growth within Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and among peers.
  • Diverse Authorship Team: The PreK-5 Mathematics Program features an intentionally diverse authorship team, reflecting a wide range of identities and perspectives. This diversity ensures that the curriculum is inclusive and culturally validating for all students.
  • Comprehensive Approach: The curriculum goes beyond traditional mathematics concepts, incorporating vital topics such as financial literacy, building sustainable communities, and addressing food insecurity. These real-world contexts provide students with a holistic understanding of mathematics and its applications.

“We believe that the foundation of a strong math education is built on more than just numbers and equations. It’s about empowering students to think critically, engage in meaningful discussions, and appreciate the diverse world around them,” said Dr. Kristopher J. Childs of Open Up Resources. Humanizing Mathematics will not only elevate mathematics education, but also transform the way students engage with the subject and unlock their full potential across multiple disciplines.”

Open Up Resources’ Humanizing Mathematics PreK-5 curriculum is an open educational resource available as a stand-alone component or can be seamlessly integrated into existing curricula. It is designed to grow with students, with units that build on each other, ensuring a progressive and comprehensive learning experience from Pre-K through 5th grade.


About Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources is a non-profit publisher in pursuit of delivering equitable learning experiences for all students by providing educators best in class, research-based PreK-12 curricula and professional learning so they may support every student’s academic success and create in-class experiences that celebrate, honor, and empower all students with a keen focus on historically excluded student populations.