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Getting Started with the Curriculum

Just getting going with the curriculum? These educator blogs are here to help:

Reflecting on My First Year Experience with Open Up Resources by Sara Vaughn spread like wildfire in social media, thanks to its thoughtful reflections and helpful advice for teachers.

Leeanne Branham’s ‘All In’ series features:

  • Great advice on preparing materials and prepping for the school year
  • piece on understanding the big picture of the curriculum
  • post on planning out your year and pacing
  • Terrific ideas on how to dig into planning

Teacher Voices

You might be interested in these teacher blogs about the curriculum:

Martin Joyce has written about his decision to adopt the curriculum:

  • Comparing the CPM and Open Up Resources curricula
  • His journey from pilot to training and beyond with OUR

Brooke Powers wrote about her student outcomes and successes when she was in the classroom utilizing Open Up Resources.

  • post about the conceptual understanding that was fostered by the materials, to her pleasant surprise
  • Student outcomes—especially for ELLs—that knocked our socks off

Classroom Tips

Great advice about classroom best practices straight from teachers:

Morgan Stipe has written lots about how she used Open Up Resources 6–8 Math in her classroom:

Sharing Community Resources

Many have shared resources that now appear on our individual lesson pages and blog. Have a great resource or post you want to share? Been thinking of writing about your experiences implementing the curriculum? 

If you have your own resources to share, email us.

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