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Spotlighting Our Teachers of the Month for 2023

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

May 8, 2023

Spotlighting Our Teachers of the Month for 2023

At Open Up Resources, we believe Teacher Appreciation Week is important because it recognizes and celebrates the critical role that teachers play in the education and development of students. It acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and impact that teachers have on shaping the future generation and their contributions to society—something we all should do each week of the year!

Open Up Resources recognizes outstanding educators in Math and EL Education through the distinction of Teacher of the Month. These teachers exhibit excellence in the classroom and provide exceptional support within the Open Up Resources National Professional Learning Community.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to showcase our past six Teachers of the Month and celebrate their impact on their students. These teachers’ innovative work with Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing, EL Education K–8 Language Arts, Open Up Resources 6–8 Math and Open Up High School Mathematics makes them some of the most inspiring educators in the country.

Please take a moment to revisit our past 6 Teachers of the Month and what makes them exceptional in their field.

About the Curriculum

Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing is a comprehensive literacy curriculum designed to support students in developing strong reading and writing skills.

The EL Education K–8 Language Arts curriculum engages students with real-world content, building equitable and inclusive learning opportunities.

The Open Up Resources 6–8 Math curriculum transforms classrooms into hubs of activity, encouraging discussion, questioning, debate, and deeper conceptual learning of mathematics.

Open Up High School Mathematics is a comprehensive and research-based math curriculum designed to support high school students in developing deep conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.